Thank you Jesus!

In this post, you’ll hear about what happened during a prayer session. You’ll also hear about what happens when you hear the voice of God speaking to you-no matter how big or small. 

Thank you Jesus!

Every weekend, I am part of a team that goes out into the community to do evangelism. This weekend, Newcastle had car race, so we sent a team to do evangelism there while another team stayed back to pray and intercede on their behalf. While my friend Tracy was praying, I realized something. Everything I had EVER searched for (security, stability, comfort, etc.)- Jesus was IT! As soon as this thought came into my mind, I saw in my head a picture of my friend (who was at the races doing evangelism) sitting on a bench saying, “I don’t know what you’re searching for – but Jesus is IT!”. I went up to the white board (where we were writing down what we were praying for), and I wrote down the phrase that I had seen. When I sat back down, I felt like I had a hot potato in my hand and I needed to pass it on, so I prayed that God would give these exact words to someone, my friend that I had seen in the picture or someone else.

After a while, the team from the races came back, and my friend (that I had seen in the picture) along with them. When she walked into the room, she stopped and pointed at the board.


Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness, for being everything we are searching for!!

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