God told me “No”

In this post, you’ll find out about about a time that God told me know, and why I’m glad he did. You’ll also find out about what happens when you ask God about something to surrender to Him, instead of just as a formality.

This might sound silly to you.. BUT.
A few days ago, someone spoke on our school staff training and shared with us about a time he had asked God if he could buy a video game. He said “God said to me, “Because you asked, my answer is yes.””

I was so challenged in this moment because I often find myself “asking God” for permission as a formality instead of in surrender to Him.

I’ve been to the grocery store a few times this week, and I’ve really wanted some chocolate coconut water. I remembered that our speaker shared about asking God as surrender. I was nervous to ask God about something as small as purchasing a drink, but I prepared myself to obey whatever answer I felt God give me.

So I asked, and I felt like God was telling me “No”. I was bummed, but I didn’t buy it.

The next time I was at the store, I found myself walking past the drink and asking again. Again, I felt God telling me “No”.

Today, I went to the store for something, and as I was walking in, before I even had to ask, I felt like God telling me I could buy the drink!

I power walked to the aisle to find that THE DRINK WAS ON SALE!!

I’m so glad that God is teaching me about surrendering in the little things. He is a great teacher!

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