7 DIY Biblical Halloween Costumes

In this post, you’ll read about 7 biblical halloween costumes that you can make yourself while listening to worship music (or rap, whatever floats your boat). 

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I grew up in a Christian home raised by wonderful Christian parents.

As a Christian, we knew we didn’t have to live a life of “rules”, but rather, in relationship with the Father and following his teachings.

Should christians celebrate halloween?

But the one thing we did NOT discuss was Halloween. I went to a christian private school growing up, and then when I went to public school for junior high, I was shocked at how many people celebrated Halloween. Our school even put on a haunted house that I was asked to work in!

Now, I’m not here to say that Halloween is pure and biblical and righteous and we should all go dress up as dead people.

I’m just here to say that we need to at least talk about it.

We need to talk about halloween and maybe go out to a fall festival from the local church, and dress up in a cute duck costume. Maybe even come up with some christian halloween ideas.

Read more about my thoughts on halloween here.

So, without further ado, here are 7 DIY Biblical halloween costumes!

  1. Jesus. You can’t have a party without Jesus. All you need is a white sheet and a belt or some rope. Drape the sheet around yourself and tie it with the belt and wha-la! You’re good to go.
  2. Holy Spirit. This one is super easy. All you need is a yellow shirt with the word “spirit” written in all lowercase (for spirit airlines) and then you can just cut holes in the shirt!
  3. David and Goliath. This one is mostly for noticeably short people or noticeably tall people. You should find the opposite height person. Short person: hold a rope and 5 rocks (you can put them in a cross body bag). Tall person: put a red dot (or patch of blush) on your forehead like you’ve just been hit.
  4. Animal from Noah’s ark. You can do this as a couple’s costume
  5. The Last Supper. Use a cardboard box and tape it to yourself so it becomes a table, and then bring whatever food you want!
  6. Jesus feeding the 5000. Carry a to-go sack of 5 rolls from the restaurant of your choice. When people ask for some, start to pray and then offer them an invisible roll.
  7. Moses and the 10 commandments. Put baby powder in your hair to make it look grey, and then hold 2 large rocks. Boom.

Hopefully, with these costumes, you’re equipped to have the best Christian halloween you can!

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