2018. – Resilient

In this post, you’ll find out about what God has done, is doing, and what he will do in 2018.

What has God done recently? This week, I’ve been preparing for the January students to arrive. I’ve been busy planning their welcome lunch, making last minute phone calls, and getting more clarity on my role on staff (see “What is God going to do?”) I’ve also been relying on God for finances since our staff fees have increased. I haven’t seen any breakthrough in this area, but while crying out to God and wondering if my prayer and hard work even matters, he’s shown me that prayer isn’t telling Him like a Santa clause about everything I want. It’s about aligning my heart with his.

What is God doing now? God has given me the word “Resilient” for 2018. I looked up the definition for this word, and it means, “able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions”.  I think this year I’ll be learning how to get back up quickly and how to even keep from falling over when I face difficult situations. I’m excited to grow in this area with God!

What is God going to do? 2018 and the January Discipleship Training school will look like me co-leading an outreach team to a few other nations, sitting lectures with students and grading student’s homework and having one on ones once a week with the students. I am very excited for this- God has given me a deep love for the nations and discipling people and I cannot wait! Recently God has shown me how much he trusts me and wants to grow me as a leader. I was mentally preparing myself to not go on outreach and to not sit in lectures or meet one on one with the students. I looked around and could see so many good leaders, and without asking God, I began to tell myself that I wasn’t a “good enough” leader to disciple people. God said to me, “Kai, our relationship isn’t about staying the same. Our relationship is about growth and trust and dependence on me. I’ll always give you free will, but I’ll never choose the easy road for you. I want to goo deeper with you and I want you to trust me. You not being confident in your leadership is going to make you HAVE to rely on me.”

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